I am conTENT. My work is CONtent.


Hi, and welcome to my little corner.

If you’re not comfortable calling me contentgrrl, I have other nicknames.

  • Way back in the glory days, I was highland goddess of journalism.
  • When I became a magazine editor, I was hatchetmaster.
  • Later I was treeless hippie, due to a Microsoft Office Spell-Check suggestion.
  • Or you can just call me Tere.

My work is CONtent.

Not everyone can balance technical acuity with marketing finesse, learning methodology, project mindfulness, and news magazine probing.

Not everyone loves such challenging work. But I thrive on it:

  • mustering intelligence and buy-in from multiple disciplines and personnel in the throes of merger, acquisition, expansion, and reorganization.
  • retaining a more educated loyal consumer through a variety of media – web sites, blogs/newsletters, wikis, case studies, tutorials, surveys, quizzes, infographics, videos, and social updates.
  • arranging devilish details artfully, with elegant simplicity.
  • bolstering the brand with a persuasive turn of phrase.

I “translate” what experts say so the rest of us can “get it” — on software, e-commerce, telecom, occupational hazards, regulatory compliance, performance tools, and other areas of expertise.

More on LinkedIn.

I am conTENT.

I love my family and I am working to make great memories and preserve our heritage in photos, videos, and stories.

I am thankful for the heroines and heroes who have touched our lives and teach us from their stories and songs.

I love my neighborhood, nestled in a Pooh-esque hundred-acre wood in the Cross Timbers of north Texas.

I believe strongly in the virtues of excellence, integrity, and kindness.

Stay in touch on Pinterest and Twitter (@contentgrrl).



6 Responses to “about”

  1. qazse said

    Wow – a supercharged site! I am glad I stumbled in.

  2. bibomedia said


  3. Tere,

    I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hope everyting is going well with you and your family.

    Best wishes,


  4. contentgrrl said

    Thanks Steven, yes! You too!

  5. Nick said

    this is a great site!

  6. Wes said

    I have the mug which includes the below quote:

    “That’s a pretty stupid idea, John. I’m afraid I’ll have to kill you.”

    If you did indeed create this, I would like to say thank you.

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