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SuperShadow Star Wars Trilogy Disjointed, Disappointing

Posted by contentgrrl on July 2, 2008

When researching Leia: the heroine’s journey through hairstyles, I found a SuperShadow plot synopsis of what is supposed to be George Lucas’ upcoming trilogy. I am disappointed, for several reasons:

  • Leia’s son is named Anakin, and Luke’s son is named Ben. Namesakes smack of laziness, and make for confusion among fans (Did you mean Anakin Skywalker or Anakin Solo? Ben Kenobi or Ben Skywalker?). I’d rather see a creative wordplay honoring both Padme/Amidala and Anakin (Padkin? Dalkin?)
  • There’s no character growth. The focus is on the aging Luke, Leia, Han, and so forth. As much as I want to see Leia grow into the matriarch she’s born to be, and a Jedi in her own right, Lucas makes her and Han minor characters.  Sure, their children have to step up and do them proud, but there’s no real drama here, or tension.
  • There’s no romantic tension. Oooh, one scene tossed in with Ben and his girlfriend on the Kessel Run, but it doesn’t add to the story arc.
  • No interesting new world being explored, except maybe an old Sith stronghold.
  • The thought that Jedi would even think about using a weapon that unleashes a black hole on a system turns my stomach.
  • More clones, but not all that sinister. More Sith, but I found myself almost rooting for them as underdogs.
  • Out of the edges of space comes a new enemy pouncing to conquer the Republic during a post-rebellion turmoil. I wonder that it’s not that dastardly Trade Federation again.

Next, I’ll look at what I think are better ideas.

4 Responses to “SuperShadow Star Wars Trilogy Disjointed, Disappointing”

  1. anthonyrusso said

    I read many of the books that come up after Return of the Jedi. Well into the “New Jedi Order” series and thought that the continuation of the timeline in the Star Wars universe was very well done. the main characters are important enough, but do step back to the roles that their children play later in their lives. New characters and worlds are introduced. This is all considered to be Star Wars “canon” (Generally the argument that one from of fiction is more “right” than another form of fiction).

    From what I read of the SuperShadow site you link to, it looks like just another fans wishes and dreams for more Star Wars movies. George himself has repeatedly denied that there would be any more movies, and does not even have a story fleshed out, like he did for the prequels.

    Yes I am way to much of a Star Wars geek. If you really want a good continuation of the timeline read the “Heir To The Empire” series by Timothy Zahn. 3 Novels that really capture the feel and implement all the items you mention should be in Star Wars. If there ever are sequels, I would love for them to remake these books into parts 7 8 and 9.


  2. contentgrrl said

    Thanks for the correction (duly fixed), Anthony, and long live all geeks! I should have guessed by the unprofessional look of the SuperShadow site.

    I can assume that there are better fan sites out there for George Lucas that the man himself actually monitors, and I welcome suggestions!

  3. anthonyrusso said

    The Secret History of Star Wars site is a great place to download a book that tells you all you want to know. It is a 500+ page PDF (and no I didn’t read it all).

    It does have a section – Appendix D: The Legend of the Sequel Trilogy — traces how the concept of sequels to Star Wars were formed and what happened to the infamous third trilogy that followed the original three films.

    Good info there. Just FYI


  4. suttler said

    below are the jedi commandments that are to be followed by all star wars fans effective immediately
    (these commandments were done by george lucas and supershadow collectively)

    1. thou shalt not question the infallibility of george lucas or his creations

    explaination: lucas can only make things that are total in their perfection. if
    a star wars film fails at the box office , it is not a failing of lucas.
    REMEMBER: George lucas cannot make mistakes!!! It is the fault of you the fans
    by not going to the cinema enough.

    2. thou shalt spend at least 20 per cent of income per month on star wars merchandise

    explaination: a true star wars fan will always ensure the star wars story is continually sold.
    We must ensure that our money gets to lucasfilm. We owe it to george lucas. he has
    only you (the star wars fan)’s interest at heart.
    remember when passing a toy shop,do go in and buy star wars merchandise(figureens, star
    wars books etc). do not think of the money , only that you honour lucas with each

    3. thou shalt always ensure to the best of my ability that all new star wars releases are box office
    smash hits

    Explaination: a true star wars fan will go to any new star wars film in the cinema at least
    30 times!!!. It is imperative that you take time off work, start at the 3:30 showing and then
    all the repeat showings until the cinema closes. If all star wars fans obeyed this commandment
    all future star wars films would knock titanic off the top pedestal
    If you are unable to get time off work, simply calculate the cost of going 30 times and send
    this amount to

    4. do shalt within my lifetime visit lucasfilm (skywalker ranch) at least once.

    Explaination: true star wars fans are obliged to visit sky walker ranch which is the birth place of jedi
    when there, please do all the guided tours (their is a discount if all taken together)
    however if a star wars fan is coming close to the end of his/her life and has not yet made the
    pilgrimage, he/she must leave at least 20 per cent of they’re estate at death to george lucas
    and lucas film. lucas will remember that person as if they had made the pilgrimage

    5. Thou shalt not suffer anyone to ridicule star wars or george lucas

    Explaination: a true star wars fan will not suffer the star wars story, movies , characters, special effects to be ridiculed
    by the foolish. ie should a friend or family member ridicule jar jar binks, you must disown that person even
    though they may be your flesh and blood. lucas expects nothing less. dont not use violence-just walk away.
    the jedi religion is a religion of peace.

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