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wii steps closer to virtual reality in your living room

Posted by contentgrrl on February 1, 2008

o mii gosh! My husband found this video on YouTube, where Johnny Chung Lee, a grad assistant at Carnegie Mellon U’s human-computer interaction department, has adapted the Nintendo Wii remote to serve as a digital whiteboard and head tracking for VR displays.

It’s amazing what he does with some hardware driver programming, a PC, the Wii remote controls, and some basic items you can pick up at your local Radio Shack.

With head tracking turned on, the TV actually looks like an entrance to a real room. Just like in real life, when we move our head around, we can look behind objects. As you look closely, some targets appear to be floating off in front of the screen, reaching into the real world. As we get closer to the screen, we get closer to the objects, and even get behind the ones floating in front of the screen. (Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote on YouTube, 2:43)

Tom Cruise, Minority Report, finger LEDs, computer interfaceThe finger tracking technology is the future now. Remember how Tom Cruise flipped through images on a virtual interface in Minority report?I would love to see some games where you can look around corners like I always want to in a race or a stealth mission.

I’d also love to use that whiteboard, since you can “draw” right on the wall, and it can record your notes for later. Oh, collaboration!

2 Responses to “wii steps closer to virtual reality in your living room”

  1. Wow. That was beyond cool. I see what he is saying about your arms tiring out when you are using it often, but for some gaming, it would be a blast.

    I would love to use it for my demonstrations of the Whiteboard capability in our WebConferencing software since I completely suck at drawing with the mouse, but obviously that would alienate all of my clients who are going to be using their mouse to do their drawing, but it would be cool.


  2. contentgrrl said

    Well, if you really want to impress with your drawing skills, you could always invest in a special stylus & pad. I know a few artists and wannabes, including my husband, who use them and swear by them.

    Thanks for commenting!

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