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7 Web conferencing technology providers compared (part 2 of 2)

Posted by contentgrrl on November 5, 2007

In part 1, 7 Big Considerations When Shopping for Web demo or conference services (part 1 of 2), we looked at seven questions you need to answer before you begin shopping for a Web conferencing technology.

In this part 2, let’s take a look at the pricing and particulars of 7 Web conferencing technology providers. Most of the following rated well in a Patricia Seybold Group report on web conferencing technology, but Linktivity and Ilinc were positively responsive to my queries even though they weren’t on that report:

  1. Linktivity has a hosted service that gives you 10 connections for 30 days for $450 (5 for $300). We’ve been really happy with our Webdemos and Virtual Classes, hosted ourselves on our own server. Our setup is limited to 50 concurrent connections for the visual portion of each demo or class. We have audioconference lines set up through our Telecom provider.
  2. ReadyComm/Genesys I saw 24 cents per minute per user on their site for both audio and Web.
  3. ilinc Under Buy ilinc, I saw 10c/min for audio plus 10-30c/min for the web conferencing portion, depending on how much collaboration you choose.
  4. Macromedia Breeze had options of 32 cents per min per user, or $375/mo for 5 users, or $750/mo for 10 users. Partnered w/ Premiere Global for audio, but can’t tell if audio is included in price. Like Webex, Microsoft and Adobe/Macromedia may charge an additional 20 cents a minute for each audio connection, or let you rely on your telecom provider.
  5. Microsoft LiveMeeting had similar options of 35 cents per min per user, or $375/mo for 5 users, or $750/mo for 10 users. Again, can’t tell if audio is included.
  6. seems like more of a long-term provider, requiring you to purchase and install software in order to manage your conferences. I couldn’t tell you about their pricing.
  7. WebEx. The current Pay-Per-Use rate is $0.33/minute per user with an additional charge of $0.20/minute per user.

3 Responses to “7 Web conferencing technology providers compared (part 2 of 2)”

  1. If I may add my company’s WebConferencing product into the list. I represent Great America Networks Conferencing. We offer our QuickPresenter WebConferencing product for a flat rate fee of no more than $69.99 per month with unlimited usage and number of participants in a conference.

    The Audio portion is included on a TeleConference line on a full Compunetrix audio bridge for only 6 cents per minute per user. No VOIP at all so you get crystal clear quality audio. This is integrated into the Webconference for the ability to mute/unmute, dial out, and control your conference call right from within the WebConference.

    This is a full featured tool that will do most everything the other tools mentioned here can do including multiple presenters, application sharing, desktop sharing and control, whiteboard & document annotations, PowerPoint presentation sharing, text chat, Q & A, polling and voting.

    Also we offer full training and support ongoing for anyone in your organization that needs it. This does not end and you will have a Dedicated Account Manager that will be your one contact person for all your needs. A real person to talk to when you have a question how to use something.

    Free demonstrations are always available for anyone that contacts me. More information is available on our website at

    Anthony Russo
    Conferencing Consultant
    Great America Networks Conferencing

  2. contentgrrl said

    Looks like Anthony Russo mentioned my blog on Experts Exchange. Thanks, Anthony!

  3. Your very welcome, and Thank you for such a great guide to refer people to. Your “7 questions to ask” is one of the best guides to selecting a conferencing provider that I’ve come across. I refer to it to help a few people interested in my industry, and will continue to do so. Great job, and an all around great blog.

    Have a great holiday TereLyn, and to your family.



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